Why you can’t take Covid-19 test to curb quarantine

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Old man traveling with a mask

(Source: Financial Times)

Despite the effect airport testing can have on Covid infection detection–and on curbing traveler quarantine–the U.K. government is still not backing the idea.

After Britain removed Spain from its quarantine-free travel list on July 26, leading travel and airline industry figures called on the government to think of testing as part of an alternative to blanket quarantine measures.

In a letter to prime minister Boris Johnson, the chief executives of British Airways, Heathrow Airport and industry body, Airlines UK, were among those urging for testing and tracing.

Heathrow’s John Holland-Kaye says the havoc caused by the sudden changes over the travel corridor to Spain show the urgent need for an alternative. Airports should be allowed to test for coronavirus to avoid the "cliff-edge" of quarantine he argues.

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