Going back is not an option — so let’s go forwards to work

Posted by Carolina Plugaru on

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(Source City A.M)

For decades, working culture has been stuck in a rut. We have been at the mercy of inflexible antiquated systems, processes and policies which serve a few and don’t include everyone. So if lockdown has brought us one thing, it’s the opportunity to fix it.


Excitingly, we are finally seeing conversations about who and what needs to change. What’s less exciting is that so many of these conversations seem to start with leadership teams thinking “let’s get back to the office, back to normal, back to work first, and then we will work it out from there”.

There are many things wrong with this attitude. First, nobody is going “back to work” — they are working already, just not in the office. Second, returning to the office just doesn’t feel like a strong starting point to drive change. It feels like a backwards step. 

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