What is behind Norwich’s coronavirus case rise?

Posted by Carolina Plugaru on

Man wearing a surgical mask

(Source: Eastern Daily Express)

There were 106 cases recorded in Norwich in the first week of October, with the neighbourhoods around the University of East Anglia accounting for around half of them.

A map from Public Health England shows 46 cases were clocked in the University of East Anglia neighbourhood between October 1 and 7 and another 10 in the area next to it - Bowthorpe and West Earlham.

The UEA has its own voluntary testing regime, meaning it should be picking up more cases. In Mile Cross there were no cases between those dates; in Eaton there were four, in Lakenham another four, in Sprowston none.

Norwich is not in the midst of a large outbreak yet, but things can change very quickly. A week ago the UEA was held up in a national newspaper as an example of a university which had a very small number of Covid-19 cases.

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