Train fares to rise 1.6% as UK urged to get back to work

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(Source: Yahoo)

Surging inflation in the UK means that rail fares are set to rise by 1.6% from January 2021, adding as much as £100 ($132) to the cost of a typical annual season ticket.

Each year, rail prices in the country rise in line with the previous July’s retail prices index (RPI), which was announced on Wednesday by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The UK, Scottish, and Welsh governments control price increases for nearly half of all rail fares, including season tickets on most commuter routes and tickets for travel around the country’s major cities.

The Office of Rail and Road said regulated fares went up by 2.7% this year, broadly in line with the 2.8% RPI figure from July 2019.

The looming increase comes as people in the UK are urged to head back to work, and in spite of calls from passenger watchdog Transport Focus to overhaul rail fares in the country.

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