PPE supply in the UK boosted by more than 100 new government deals

Posted by Carolina Plugaru on

Female nhs worker wearing PPE

(Source: NHE)

The UK Government has signed deals with more than 100 new suppliers from across the globe, as well as ramping up domestic efforts, as it significantly boosts the country’s PPE supply to meet demand from health and social care settings during the current coronavirus outbreak.

Newly-announced deals include securing a further 3.7 billion gloves to meet expected demand, as well as significantly ramping up domestic manufacturing capabilities for PPE in the UK, including facemasks, visors, gowns and aprons.

An estimated 2 billion items of PPE will be made in the UK as part of deals signed by domestic companies.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, around 1.5 billion items of PPE have been delivered to frontline staff in England, with tens of millions more distributed in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland too.

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