How poor planning left the UK without enough PPE

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How poor planning left the UK without enough PPE

(Source: Financial Times)

Procurement problems and contradictory guidance left frontline staff fearful and suspicious Over the course of the next month those assurances would unravel acrimoniously, but the prospect of serious shortages seems to have been far from the government’s mind as the virus began to spread to the UK

As coronavirus took hold in early March, the initial reassurances rang increasingly hollow on the frontline, where medical staff were nervously preparing to face the kind of havoc seen in Italian hospitals.

Initially doctors and ambulance workers had swathed themselves in “Ebola-style” PPE to meet the first suspected cases, but by February 11 Public Health England (PHE), issued PPE guidance for doctors to wear a fluid-repellent gown, an FFP3 respirator mask and goggles or full-face visors.

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