Brexit Party's Richard Tice proposes TAX for people refusing to go back to work

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Richard Tyce

(Source: Express)

Brexit Party chairman Richard Tice has hit out at employees who are working from home as he estimated that about 40 percent of the hospitality sector will be impacted if people don't go into the office. He went to suggest that the alternative might be to tax employees to offset the loss in revenue. It comes as the Government are encouraging people to return to the office.

Speaking to talkRADIO, Mr Tice said: "The reality is if 40 percent of your working week you're not coming to the city centre then we may well have to accept that 40 percent of the jobs in shops and bars they're going to go as well because they need people to sustain it.

"Therefore you're going to have a loss of revenue in the city centres, a lot of business rates and of course there's going to a huge loss of revenue on the public transport system.

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