Back to school and back to work – how businesses can support working parents

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(Source: HR News)

Typically during Summer, working parents and their employers prepare for a transition towards the holidays when schools break up and children are at home for several weeks. The transition can be difficult with many parents suddenly having to keep their children entertained while managing responsibilities at work.

And it can be expensive as well as exhausting. Last year, the Coram Family and Childcare children’s charity annual survey, found that the average cost of a week’s childcare now stands at £138, rising 3% year-on-year. This can be a challenging dilemma to manage for any working parent, but the ritual of managing it every year means some planning can at least be done by both the employer and employee to alleviate the stress of the situation.

But suddenly, this year the pandemic has turned the situation on its head and unsuspecting families are instead having to tackle the difficulties of a return to school and a new routine they haven’t experienced since March.

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