Coronavirus: Who can go back to work from Saturday?

Posted by Carolina Plugaru on

woman in an office

(Source: Mirror)

Huge changes for millions of workers in England are coming in from Saturday 1 August. For months, people have been working at home in kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms due to the threat of coronavirus. 

But from Saturday, firms can for the first time ask people to come into the office, even if it's not absolutely necessary for them to be there. It will be a wave of relief for millions cooped up at home - and for the workers in stricken city-centre pubs.

But for others it will be a time of great worry as they juggle childcare, health issues and worries about a second wave of coronavirus. And the government has refused to guarantee a legal right to work from home - meaning it'll have to be a conversation you have with your employer.


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