We need to return to work — so convince us it’s safe to commute

Posted by Carolina Plugaru on

London bus on the road

(Source: Evening Standard)

At 7.37am this morning, I was the only person standing on the Jubilee line platform at Baker Street heading towards Westminster. Before the Covid-19 shutdown it would have been packed. The trains were running every two minutes, which is almost back to normal. But when I boarded there were just two others in my carriage; previously there would have been 50.

Ghost trains are fun in amusement parks. But they are non-viable well into the fourth month since the lockdown started, when London is supposed to be opening up for people who need to travel to work or socialise , which is a large proportion of us.

Either it means that the “new normal” doesn’t involve mass public transport, which is ridiculous, or more likely that much more needs to be done by the Mayor and ministers to achieve a “new normal” that works.

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