The Cancer Research UK scientists manufacturing PPE

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The Cancer Research UK scientists manufacturing PPE

(Source: Cancer Research UK)

COVID-19 is delaying cancer research and treatment. We’re catching up with some of the cancer researchers who are using their expertise, experience and equipment to help tackle COVID-19 and get cancer services back on track. The shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for NHS workers has been a headline issue in the UK 

Standard PPE kit includes an apron, gloves, a surgical mask and eye protection, which is vital to the safety of those working at the front line of the  coronavirus crisis and they people they’re looking after. Alongside widespread COVID-19 testing, PPE is essential to protect healthcare workers and ensure cancer care can continue during the pandemic.

It’s in exceptional times like these that people across the country have been motivated to respond, doing everything from sewing scrubs and facemasks at home to donate to the NHS to volunteering to deliver medicines or food to people at risk.

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