Some return to work as lockdown eases slightly in England

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Some return to work as lockdown eases slightly in England

(Source: BBC News)

Some people in England who cannot work from home are returning to their workplaces today, as the government begins easing some lockdown measures. The government urged people to avoid public transport if possible. But some commuters said Tube trains and buses were still too busy to observe social distancing rules.

Meanwhile, new guidance issued by the College of Policing said officers had "no powers to enforce two-metre distancing" in England.

Under the new rules in England, people can now spend more time outside and move house. Garden centres can reopen and sports that are physically distanced - such as golf - are now permitted.

Two people from different households can meet in outdoor settings, such as parks, as long as they stay more than 2m apart. However, government guidance on maintaining a 2m distance, avoiding public transport and wearing face coverings in enclosed spaces is "not enforceable" by officers in England, according to the fresh guidelines from the College of Policing.

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