Return to work and redundancy worries affect more than half of workers

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(Source: People Management)

More than half of UK employees’ wellbeing has been negatively affected over the past month, according to a survey, as many employers start cutting jobs and asking staff to return to workplaces. 

The report by Perkbox found that 58 per cent of employees said changes to the furlough scheme and future uncertainty over the world of work had negatively impacted their mental health, leaving them with rising levels of stress and anxiety. 

Almost half (46 per cent) said they felt disconnected from their team and business over the past month, while 38 per cent said their physical wellbeing had been affected by the continued pandemic. 

Only 15 per cent of the 6,273 UK employees surveyed had experienced no negative impacts on their wellbeing in the past month.  The report said the data should be cause for concern for employers, who need to be aware of the furlough scheme’s impact on all staff, including those still working. It highlighted that workers who had not been furloughed were “having to take on extra work in their colleagues’ absence”. 

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