Pendle Council offers testing to all to stop Covid-19 spread

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Doctor holdong a swab for covid-19 test

(Source: BBC News)

Covid-19 tests have been made available to every resident in Pendle, regardless of whether they have symptoms, in an effort to stop the virus spreading. The area has seen a rise in coronavirus cases over the past two weeks.

Pendle Council leader Mohammed Iqbal said the move to universal testing was "a big step forward" in a bid to identify people who are asymptomatic. He said residents should "do it for Pendle, adding those who found they were positive should then self-isolate.

The latest Public Health England data showed the rate of new cases in the area on Tuesday was 45.9, up from 33.9 the week before. Mr Iqbal said increased testing "will play a big part in reducing the spread of Covid-19".

"The government is supporting our efforts by making mass testing available to local people. "This is a big step forward as it will help to identify people who may not have symptoms but who have the virus."

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