Hair salons urge leaders to let them go back to work

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Man getting a haircut in a barbershop

(Source Belfast Telegraph)

Hair salon and barber owners have urged the Stormont Executive to let them get back to work. The plea comes after the evidence that guided the decision to order closures across the beauty and hospitality sectors was revealed.

It shows an assessment that the closure of close-contact businesses such as hairdressers and beauticians will have a low impact on transmission, with a potential reduction of the R number of 0.05.

The closures were announced last week as part of a four-week circuit-break to push down the rapidly increasing spread of coronavirus. Stormont is aiming to reduce the R number by 0.5 to below one.

Therefore, according to recent estimates from Northern Ireland’s chief scientific adviser Professor Ian Young, closing the hair and beauty industry represents 10% of what is required to do that.

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