Coronavirus: What does my boss have to do to keep me safe?

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(Source: BBC News)

Employers in England now have more freedom to decide whether staff should return to their place of work. But with many people still worried about contracting coronavirus, what are your rights?

From 1 August, the government has changed its guidance about asking people to work from home where they can.

"We're going to give employers more discretion and ask them to make decisions about how their staff can work safely," said Prime Minister Boris Johnson. That could mean continuing to work from home or returning to the workplace, Mr Johnson said. Employers should talk to their workers about what steps to take and only bring them back to their place of work if it is safe to do so.

Anybody will be able to use public transport - including to get to work - the prime minister said. For those who do return to work in England, government guidance on working safely across a range of sectors is available. There is separate advice for Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland.

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