Childcare issues are preventing Britain from fully returning to work

Posted by Carolina Plugaru on

Mother working from home

(Source: Sky News)

Forget transport, COVID-19 secure offices, and whether furloughed workers can be dragged away from their gardens.

There's one thing stopping Britain getting fully back to work after lockdown and it's simply not being talked about enough. Childcare is a carefully woven tapestry of schools, nurseries, after school clubs, breakfast clubs, grandparents, nannies and calling in favours from friends.

Pull one thread, and the whole thing can unravel. And right now, many parents simply don't have the childcare support they need (41% of working mums with children under 10, according to an ICM survey for the TUC.)

Schools may have returned, but many breakfast and after school clubs remain closed. A 3pm pick up is - for many - simply unrealistic. And barely a week after schools returned for the new academic year, thousands of pupils have been sent home after positive cases.

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