Coronavirus: Can my child's school insist they take a Covid test?

Posted by Carolina Plugaru on

Children wearing surgical masks

(Source: BBC News)

In just the second week of pupils returning to school in Scotland, almost 17,500 children were tested for coronavirus. Only 49 turned out to be positive.

Demand for tests of children aged from two to 17 shot up by 300% in a week, but only two more had the virus than the previous week. One theory is that the usual back-to-school bugs and colds have kicked in with a vengeance after five months away from the classroom and other children.

Clinical Director Jason Leitch is preparing to write to parents next week to reassure them and give simple guidance on when a test is required and when it isn't. But when should you worry? When should you keep children home from school and what role do schools play in the demand for testing? We consulted the latest Scottish government guidance.

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