Coronavirus: Back London today - so that London may back the UK tomorrow

Posted by Carolina Plugaru on

Underground sign and Big Ben

(Source: City AM)

At the Conservative Party Conference this week, chancellor Rishi Sunak promised he “will always be pragmatic”.  Right now, however, the policies governing our towns and cities appear anything but pragmatic. 

Given that the UK’s major cities, and especially London, are going to be vital in helping our economy recover from the impact of Covid-19, it seems “pragmatic” that targeted measures would be in place to protect them. Sadly, they are not. 

London is the beating heart of the UK economy, a £550bn powerhouse that accounts for approximately 22 per cent of national GDP, a command centre for the global economy. 

The government’s recent work from home instruction is therefore nothing short of a devastating blow. London is a connected ecosystem. From coffee shops to cultural institutions, retail and offices, these businesses are all connected. Collectively, they create a vibrant community and support huge employment. 

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