All patients' Covid test results to become visible to GPs

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Doctor talking to a patient(Source: Pulse Today)

GP systems will now be updated in 'near-real time' to reveal the result of Covid-19 tests taken by all of their patients.GPs will not need to act on the information, which will be visible on systems whether the patient tested positive or negative.

This will apply to all patients where it has been possible to identify the patient's NHS number, NHS Digital said. And, although there may be a 'slight timelag' compared to when patients are informed of their result by the NHS Business Services Authority, it should be updated in 'near-real time', it said.

NHS Digital said this was being made possible with the use of EMIS Health’s Keystone product. However, it is not only accessible to EMIS practices, having already gone live for 95% of practices, with the remaining 5% to follow 'soon'.

NHS Digital programme director Richard Ashcroft said: 'We have worked quickly to ensure this technology can be put in place so that GPs are kept informed about coronavirus tests being undertaken by their patients, while making sure it is done simply, with as little additional admin for GP practice staff as possible. We would like to thank EMIS Health for working with us to deliver this at speed using their Keystone product.

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