A quarter of Brits say they may refuse the coronavirus vaccine

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Doctor applying a vaccine on a patient

(Source: Metro)

Authorities may have a problem getting a quarter of Brits to take a coronavirus vaccine, according to a new study. In total 27% of those asked in a new survey said they would not immediately accept a vaccine for Covid-19 when it was released.

The study from research agency ORB International asked people if they agreed with the following statement: ‘I would not want to be vaccinated against the coronavirus if a high-quality vaccine were available.’ At least 13% of respondents, from a pool of  2,065 , said no, with a further 14% adding they were unsure if they would take it

University of East professor Anglia Paul Hunter told the Mail: ‘The figures suggesting many people might refuse a vaccine are depressing, and actually incredibly selfish.  ‘If we get an effective vaccine, and almost everyone takes it up, overnight all the restrictions can stop and life will return to normal like it was before March, with no social distancing or restrictions.

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